Wednesday, August 3, 2011

tired & happy

Seems pretty crazy to be starting this new blog.  A blog about a new life together on the coast.  Back at sea... a long way from home. It does feel right though.  Feels so natural to be starting over, unpacking boxes, and challenging myself every single day not to cry.  Tears of sadness and tears of complete joy that we've been given this opportunity. 
It was 13 hours and 25 moods later that we arrived in the state of Maryland.  And I have one statement..."thank the good lord for my mama."   Carson wasn't in her best traveling mood.  I typically don't mind going on road trips alone, but this one would have done me in without an extra set of patient hands.  Davis didn't say much as long as we kept the movies & snacks flowing!  Carson just didn't want to be happy.  It's was a terribly long day.  We left at noon and arrived just before 2 am.  The kids woke up about 30 minutes from home and stayed up until 4 am because they were so excited. 
Here were are as we pulled out of our Georgia driveway...
Shane welcomed us with the most fun surprises!  New dress-up stuff and kitchen dishes for sister, a new race track for davis, and mama got a fun new beach cruiser and trailer for the kiddos!  So fun!
We slept for a couple of hours and then we got busy putting up the 150+ ears of corn we brought from our garden.  It was a chore.  Again, thank goodness for an extra set of hands for shucking corn and entertaining the kids.  That afternoon, Shane & I drove to get a truck for him and also squeezed in some shopping and a yummy crab dinner!  It was so nice to hangout and catch up. 
Mom & I had the best visit.  We all shopped like crazy trying to find the perfect bedding, etc.  It was really so fun. 
Some pictures from the weekend...

Thanks so much to Nana for providing lots of fun activities, helping hands, and of course lots of love to store up for the next few months.