Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Little Lambs

I could not be happier with Carson's little classroom this year.  
She did a little part time class at a sweet little school called Little Lambs at our church. 
Ms. Kim & Ms. Kay love their girls like no other.  
 Sage, Payton, Kaitlyn, Sidney, Carson, Layla, Eliza, Danielle, Jojo (missing Lilly)

It's really the sweet little class...these girls won't know what to do in PreK next year when they have boys for classmates!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

out to sea!

We bought a new-to-us boat for our family to enjoy while living in Maryland!  
We took it out today for the first time for a little while to get used to the water and Captain Shane did an awesome job at showing us a great time!  
We live on the St. Martin's river...and it quickly leads into the Assawoman (i think?) Bay.  
It's all the ocean to me- water with sharks.  :)  
It was a lovely day at sea!