Sunday, December 18, 2011

visit with the Denton family

Laura and I go waaay back.  
We've been friends since the beginning of high school & lived together throughout most of our college days.  Her family recently moved to Columbia, SC from Florida so we were able to stop there on our way home to Georgia.  What a treat to be able to spend so much quality time together.  
Elly & Davis are only 6 wks apart so it has been fun to watch them grow up together.  
Carson & Audrey (who is the FUNNIEST toddler on the planet) had the best time hanging with the big kids.  
They played so awesome together...leaving lots of catch up time for the mamas.  
We are so excited to have a good pit stop now when we travel between GA and MD.  
And, to be able to see some of our favorite people more often.  
*Davis went shopping for Elly at his school store.  He bought her the perfect set of princess markers.  I think she was pretty excited.  
Here are some pics. from our fun night.  
Here is mask boy and the lovely princesses.  Audrey was chasing Davis around saying, "mask mask".  Oh my, I can still hear that adorable voice in my head.   
 Princess markers for a special friend.  
 Audrey hugging mr. mask goodbye.  Her parents are lucky that we didn't take those girls with us.  So cute! 
 Mr. Rob is so fun & let them try on his flight masks/ helmets.  
Looking forward to our next playdate!