Monday, October 31, 2011

halloween...oh yeah!

I DO love Halloween.  I love love dressing up and being silly.  I love the excitement of fun decorations and parties.  However, this year I struggled with the greediness of trick or treating.  I don't know why- never bothered me in the past.  I was sortof a scrooge when it was all said and done.  BUT, here are some super fun events leading up to my five year old meltdown about being greedy and taking candy.  Hee hee...
Hitting the zoo with Mason & Tanner.  
Carving an adorable pumpkin on the dock because it was WARM! 

 Dressing up like an adorable Goldilocks & Cowboy! 
& just so I don't forget...both costumes under $10. 
 Davis winning the costume contest at the Ocean Pines Rec. Center!  He was sooo excited.  This was a big deal for my boy.  He is not a fan of being in the center of attention.  He fought back some tears...and I won't lie I did too.  He was scared and I was so incredibly proud of him for being brave.  
 Making super fun treats for our buddies at school. 
 Candy parades and dressing up at school.  This is Carson's adorable class.  There are 9 little boys.  And, they are all really really sweet.  
 Roaming around downtown Berlin looking for the best candy in town.  

 Running into our favorite girls...Riley & Payton.  
Did you seeeee all the candy collecting going on?  I'm over now I promise.  And, YES we'll do it all over again next year.  And I will have to remind myself that it's all part of the fun.  

Sunday, October 30, 2011

making new friends

One thing I'm incredibly thankful for right now in my life are these two families. 
These two sweet girls have truly come into our lives and helped make us love living here. 
I met Monica the last time we lived in Ocean City. 
She was always so good about telling us the hot spots and inviting us to playdates. 
Mason is now 4 and Tanner almost 2. 
These boys are FULL of life and so much fun!  
The other day I mentioned to davis that daddy was so lucky that he got to go home to GA this week.  And he said, 'Mama, but WE get to go to Monica's house.  We are the lucky ones." 
This makes me so happy.
Jaime and her girls have truly been the biggest blessings as well.  Riley is in Kindergarten and sweet Peyton is in Carson's class. 
Davis is quite smitten with Riley.  They are both such awesome girls.
Our new friends are treasures that is for sure. 
I've even suckered them into running with me & become frugal shoppers.
It sure makes our days here more enjoyable!
ps...these precious kiddos have fabulous husbands too!  We have even squeezed in one adult only night and had a great time. 

go go...go sally...

meet sally.  and her one dollar fake hair (thanks a lot, nana!).  sally has learned to "hoowa hoop" and we have learned the louder we cheer the crazier those little hiney cheeks swirl in circles.  It's the cutest thing ever to watch a child hoola hoop. 
learning to do such a fun thing calls for a fabulous run on the beach.
little sally has also learned how to entertain herself during rest time.
on this day she had a "sale because she doesn't like any of these clothes anymore." 
she makes me smile from ear to ear. 

yes, you can!

my big girl wrote her name for the first time on her own!  so proud!! And now, she is hooked.  Obsessed with letters and writing any and everything.  Usually the ole' scribble waves that continue on for miles.  Don't you remember doing that?  I love it.  She knows exactly what it says. 

our little character kid of the month!  (september...i'm a little behind!)
i won't lie, this brought tears to my eyes.  not sure why, but it did. 
And he was so stinking excited that his friend Neil got it too... in fact, was a little annoyed with us because we were not screaming up and down for sweet Neil.  he makes me so proud.  his heart is neverending. 

Friday, October 28, 2011

my goodness

wow.  i can't believe i have not written down memories in six long weeks! 
lots of catching up to do, but for now a quick update will have to do to jog my memory of how we've spent our time.
our boy is now FIVE.  wow.  He had a fabulous birthday party back in Georgia. 
He was named Character Kid of the month (and we were overjoyed!).
He reads and writes like crazy and loves to count by 5s. 
our sweet girl is becoming so independent and now likes to sleep in her bed.  Whewww...  for now anyways.
she absolutely loves school.  spelled Wal*mart the other day when we drove up and I almost fainted.  smart little booger but doesn't like to do squat for her teacher mama! 
she has made 8 little girlfriends that she loves playing house with at school.
Mimi & Papa came for a great visit!
we've made some great friends up here.  helps pass the time!
all of this and more in posts to come...