Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Assateague Island

 What an awesome day!  We took a little trip over to Assateague today while the sun was shining.  This is National Park week so we took advantage of the fun stuff happening.  
First, a trip to the visitor center where Meredith's flat stanley took a dip with the hermit crabs! 
 Sweet Layla exploring the touch tank. 
 Tanner playing peek-a-boo with the diamond back turtle shell. 
 We went out to the bay and the kids got to try and catch some sea creatures.  The rangers put on an excellent program about sea life, although the wind almost blew us away.  

Sunday, April 22, 2012

here lately!

We've been watching our favorite little Tball player!  
I love all of this gear.  
 Doing lots of yardwork getting the yard ready for Carson's bday party!
Thank goodness he loves to work in the yard as much as his daddy does.
He really took pride in helping make the yard look pretty. 
 Going on walks and playing with babies.  Her triplets are riding up front! 
 Enjoying our pretty azalea bushes!
 Being annoyed with mom.  But, looking cute while doing so.  
 Filthy piggies means it's been a great day. 
 Spending time on the back porch while the pollen has been somewhat gone. 
 Pretending to surf! 
 Rescuing Meredith's Flat Stanley from a Maryland blue crab.  
 And getting fancy for a night out of yummy mexican!  


The kids were worn out tonight.  
Sleeping so sweet and sound.  
Davis builds up this wall of animals & pillows each night to make him feel safe. 
He stays in his bed now...all night long.
Big accomplishment!  
Sweet boy & 100 of his closest "friends" in his bed were sleeping so peaceful tonight.
 Ahhh...those lashes. 
"Mama, you always come & tuck me in before you go to bed.  Did you put water in the bathroom?"  
Every single night those are his questions. 
 This big girl is sleeping so well these days too! 
She is a hot head so she keeps her company to a minimum.  
Miracles DO indeed happen and she has also learned to stay in her bed all night long. 
All she needs each night is pink blankie and the rest can go.
 Love her lips here.
This is exactly how I remember her ultrasound picture looking. 
"I love you to the sky & back.."  Those are her last words.  

Friday, April 20, 2012

calling all superheros!

Sweet Davis was in his room for rest time yesterday afternoon.
Afterwards, he invited sister & I to his superhero haunted house.  
Our necklaces were our "tickets" to enter. 
He spend almost an entire hour setting this up...

 Sister all dressed up ready to attend!  
Each character had a "super power".  Monkey has tape on his eyes that were his goggles and the bracelet around his waist helps him climb.  It was the cutest thing ever to look at each individual friend.  
Some had bandaids or other animals that were attached them for "force" per davis... 
So cute! 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

just a day at the park

An ordinary day at our favorite playground.  
This is the one we can walk to on a sunny day and there are tons of trails that are fun to walk! 
This day was just a plain ole' hanging out day. 
The best kind to me~ 

nana's visit

My mom came up for a visit in March and well...just now getting around to blogging about it!
She was very happy to see these munchkins and Shane and I slipped away to Atlantic City for two nights.  It was heavenly to have 48 hours alone!
The kids & Nana had lots of quality time to talk and catch up on the last few months.  
We also got to paint some easter eggs, eat yummy Mexican, and do other sewing crafts with the birthday girl!  Nana turned a year younger while she was here with us...what a treat.  
Oh man, how I miss my mama.
But, so thankful for visits like this one when we can catch up!  

maryland pals

I'm pretty sure God knew exactly what we needed when we moved back up to Maryland for the second time.  Good friends.  Love these friend's mamas too which makes it super special!  
Riley & Payton  
We love their parents...jaime & jim.  Such a fun & super sweet family.  
 Afternoon playdates often involve Davis' good buddy Landon, and Carson's adorable friend Layla! 
These four played so great together.  
 Mason & Tanner
The Edleman's have treated us like family.  We play t-ball, go to church, and have many many playdates with Monica and her crew.  They live close to us, so they are always up for spontaneous fun! 
 Celebrating Layla's 4th birthday! 
Sage, Layla, Eliza, Lily, and miss Carson playing at the park. 
Layla's mama, Camille, has become a dear friend of mine.  The girls love each other so that's a huge bonus! 
 The boys are playing Tball together...along with most of our other friends.  The games are fun for the parents, too!  We love having Landon over, and his mama Kristin is just great too.  I have no doubt that Davis & Landon keep Mrs. Fisher on her toes. 
 Ahhh...see this cute face?  It's ALWAYS smiling!  Oh, how we love Cooper & Colby.  (And certainly Katharine & Ross, too!)  I like to think of them as my southern friends...extended family.  Katharine and her family are always up for good fun.  They are just the sweetest...  
I'm telling you what...these awesome friends make our home away from home a happy place!  


This girl is stuck to me like glue these days.  
Wants me to hold her "up the stairs".  Cuddle on the couch.  Rub her back.  Sit with her and color.  Sing songs and write letters together.  I love it so much.  
Here lately, she is a mama's girl through and through. 
We are getting each other more and more everyday.  
Like we have our own little girly language. 
And this awesome boy, well pretty much thinks his daddy hung the stinkin' moon.
I think he did, too. 
He loves to prove things to his daddy, wrestle him to the ground, curl up and watch movies, and chase each other around.  I love love that they are both so involved in the details.  Davis is our protector by day, and daddy by night. 
I have to say during those times when it turns into the boys/ girls...i miss my little man so incredibly much. He's at an awesome age right now.  
I'm feeling like one incredibly blessed mother these days.  Healthy, smart, happy, & kind children.  
So glad we are getting this time away...together as a family.  

Monday, April 16, 2012

let's play BALL!

T-ball opening day is HUGE here is Berlin, Maryland.  Truly hysterical to watch grown men get teary eyed over a regional championship last year.  Ok, so what if mama shed a few tears too.  Davis was pumped up about the parade & his first official game.  He went over all the "rules" of the game in his head one thousand times. Poor sweet buddy probably had a tummy ache.  He had the most fun time and was grinning from ear to ear all day!  
A parade, first game, and picture day...