Sunday, March 18, 2012

st. patty's parade

I think it's so fun to pretend i'm Irish for a day.  
Wear the green...try not to get pinched...celebrate a little green leprechaun. 
(ok, i know I'm missing all the history, but the festivities sure are fun!) 
Ocean City has an awesome St. Patrick's day parade. 
Shane scored us a perfect spot to see the fun floats and crazy Irish folks showing their pride. 
It was seriously a blast~ 
He pulled his truck in so that we could sit in the back and have a perfect view.  
A cooler, happy kids, good snacks, comfy chairs, and the perfect landing spot for candy & beads.  
So "lucky" i'm married to a planner.  A man who makes sure our experiences are none other than the best.  
 Sweet Davis took this one of his silly parents and I just love it.  

Thursday, March 8, 2012

sweet mama

I noticed Carson kept going on our front porch tonight.  
I thought she might be looking for Shane to come home, but instead she was being a sweet sweet "mama." 
I walked out to find her baby sitting in the corner. She was covered up and had her toys and some marbles.  
Carson, honey...why is your baby outside?
"She losed her bref (breath) and needs some cold air."
"The marbles are her medicine to make her breathe."
I guess she remembers getting the Croup in the fall and taking a night walk! 
"Her loveys keep her from being scared in the dark."
She sure is a good mama & it sure is fun being a grandmother!

"hiii purty!"

While watching TV tonight, Davis saw a commercial of an older attractive woman...
"Well, hiiii purty!"
I said, ummm...what's purty?
"Ya know, some people back in Georgia say purty instead of pretty." 
Oh boy.
I (chuckled first) and said yes, but we say pretty. 
And at least I know he has good taste... because the woman was certainly "purty" and mom-like. 
On another note, we enjoyed a fabulous lunch together today. 
Carson had a little playdate so it was just him & I. 
He is getting so old and wise and hysterical and man I love him.
(sorry...mama 'aint lookin' too purty!)
 After lunch, we met up with these cutie pies for a quick trip to Marshalls and the boardwalk for arcade games!  This amazing weather is sure helping us survive our "winter!"
The cutie in the front is who Davis thinks is the "purtiest".  Riley's name just has to be mentioned and he smiles from ear to ear.  He adores her.  She's an older gal too...Kindergarten!  :)