Thursday, September 15, 2011

my heart this week

Mama's heart feels good this week.  I mean really good.  It's been one of those weeks where I think, "I could do this forever."  (gparents don't panic...i don't mean stay in MD forever).
The kids seemed to mesh well.  The weather was great.  And, for the first time I felt settled and a true part of this community. 
We're starting to have more playdates and run into new friends at the grocery store.  
Davis has decided that he would like for me to drop him off at the sidewalk in the car pick up line.  Yes, I let him do it.  Yes, I cry everyday.  This is a big step for my boy. 
He is becoming so independent.  It's a long sidewalk in front of that big school. 
He doesn't know that I wait until I see him go in the door before I go. 
Carson and her girlfriends are just the sweetest class ever. 
She loves talking about brushing Lilly's hair and playing house with Peyton.
We took some time out at the beach after school one day.
Just the three of us and I did a lot of thinking. 
So cliche' to say, but man this is going by so fast. 
Their feet seem bigger.  Their thougths seem bigger.  And, most important their hearts seem bigger.
I was spending some time alone this week, too.
Browsing the outlet malls and noticed a girl with her first new baby.
She looked so frantic and scared...yet, so in love.
I don't think I was wanting to go back to those days, but it did make me feel like I truly did blink and they were 3 and 5.  I told her I was so proud of her for getting out. 
She was so cute talking about her baby and all the things she did to prepare for her day out. 

Perhaps it was such a good week because we're ending it with a trip HOME! 
To Georgia... where we'll see the ones who we truly love the most. 


Sunday, September 11, 2011

sun kissed cheeks

The weather has been a bit gloomy this week. 
But, not today! 
We hit the beach after our morning at church and a yummy lunch at home. 
There were tons of shells today & shane rigged up this hysterical swing for the kids on the back of the truck. 
I just love days like this. 
No schedules.  We're all together under the sun.  Everybody is happy. 
Well, until they both want the dump truck at the same time. 

birthday sister

Sister was a fabulous birthday sister. 
Her behavior and sleep patterns (not holding my breath...) have been so good! 
She finally confessed that Max from Max & Ruby gets up "all the time" from his bed.  Ok, so no more Max & Ruby for her if she gets irrational at night.  And besides, Max doesn't have a stinking MOTHER!  This is the truth...but I don't tell her that of course. 
Anyhoo, back to my sweet girl. 
Her & daddy had a date Thursday night to Chick-fil-a and the toy store for Bubbie's last minute gifts.  She was so excited about her fun night and she even suckered her daddy into a new baby doll. 
I was so proud of her this weekend.  She truly enjoyed celebrating her number one brother!

five years

Celebrating Davis was awesome!
It was a full day of loving on our favorite big boy & giving him lots of attention.
He acts so big, yet has a tendency to "baby talk." 
I'm thinking kids do this as we try to get them to those older years.
It's hard to believe it's been five years with this adorable little guy.
Ironically, Shane came home from Maryland just hours before my water broke and here we are again.
He's so easy to love. 
Here are some highlights of the big day. 
Cinnamon rolls and 5 candles before school.
Birthday cookies & a school ribbon before noon.
Some fun surprises for our birthday boy.

Another ole' cookie cake with birthday wishes.
A fun afternoon with some interesting kiddie rides.  This is an indoor amusement park on the boardwalk.  It's super fun & cheap.  The birthday boy rode everything there was to offer!

We ate cotton candy on the boardwalk. 
That night we got all dressed up and went out to our favorite place ever...the Globe in downtown Berlin.  Our favorite local band started playing at 7:00.  They were incredible and we all had the best time.  Ate a yummy birthday dinner, ice cream, and danced in our chairs!
After dinner, Davis decided he wanted to wrap up his birthday night on a carriage ride with the family.  This adorable horse & buggy took us on a tour of Berlin. 
Definitely a day & night to remember!
And he's only forgotten he was 5 one time since that day. 

Friday, September 9, 2011

interview with my 5 year old

What is your name?   Davis Burns Hill

How do you feel now that you are 5?  it's good.  I like it.

What makes you a happy boy?  mommy spends time with me.

What makes you sad?  when my sister hits me.

What makes you laugh?  when my mama tickles my tummy
What do you like to play the most?  ride my four wheeler.

What do you like about your dad?  he wants me to be rough with him and let's me ride his back.

What do you like most about your sister?  she hugs me so tight
What do you like most about your mama?  she likes to play with me.

Tell me about school....  we write in journals and I love that.  we have a cool playground. i love to play with my new friends.

Are you afraid of anything?  yes~ monsters and the noises outside at our new house. 

What do you think you'll be when you grow up?  probably a pirate or a fireman or a doctor. 

What is your favorite thing to learn about?  how to learn about doing the garden from my dad. 

If you had $100 what would you do with it?  buy a jumpy and give it to aunt shannon

Any other thoughts today?  i'm done talking for now.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

"city park zoo"

This was Davis' creation during rest time today.
I just love the imagination of little ones. 
To enter the zoo you received four dollars and one "free animal" of your choice.
Here was mine.
And here is the zoo.  My favorite part is the pile of blocks for the water! 

Davis is still loving school. 
He loves the computers and the playground the most. 
His friends are Brooke, Ethan, Cathryn (his fave!), and Landon so far.
I'm just so proud of him! 

mama always wins

Nah nah nah nah boo boo....
mama won.
this is my darling daughter after her puffy chested speech upstairs...
"i'm in school and big gurls don't need naps.  and so i'm gonna lay here and play with my bawbies.  i don't even like naps.... zzzzzz.........." 
you go on with your bad self to dreamland. 

This was to be expected after being up for a loooong time in the middle of last night. 
She had a wonderful day at school "and loves it so very much!" 
She loves holding the flag and learning about apples that start with B. 
"At my school they start with B."
Ok, maybe Ms. Kay & I should have a conference.  Ha!! 

I know this is an ugly phase.  One that makes me either laugh or cry.
This afternoon I'm laughing!
For the first two years of her life she was a dream sleeper and didn't cry much at all
Guess she is making up for it now.
Sweet dreams little lady.

now it's her turn!

Carson started a 3 year old preschool class this morning. 
I had her on the list at Little Lambs for a while & was praying she would get in here. 
It's right across the street & the same hours as Davis, but 3 days a week. 
I wish I could tell my sweet daughter that I cried when I left her. 
I wish I could tell her that I begged her not to go.
But, that wasn't the case with my little angel. 
We've had some rough patches since moving to MD. 
She doesn't really like to sleep anymore. 
She likes to scream for hours in the middle of the night, which in turns brings longer & tougher days for her & mama. 
Anyhoo, I miss my sweet & kind girl and I'm hoping this school thing helps her miss me more too.
I dropped her off and she was already holding hands with Lilly & Kaitlyn by the time I left. 
I'm pretty sure she will be a teacher one day.
She loves learning and loves to be with friends so much. 
Mrs. Kay is amazing and from GEORGIA.  It was love at first sight for that reason alone.
She is precious and will be happily caring for 9 little ladies & 1 poor fella!
Here is my sweet girl looking so big... 

 Davis was so proud of her!  He was telling her that she'd be ok.  And that "mama always comes back to get us!"  Ha!  IF she is lucky...  :)  
 I just love this little picture of her.  So sweet and big.  Time is flying by.

 As Ms. Kay says, "the georgia girls!"
I just know she had the best day.  


It was a pretty low key Labor day for us. 
I wasn't feeling great & we just all hung around the house. 
It was an awfully boring a good way.
Shane went to the office for a few hours to cook pancakes & bacon for the crew that was so faithful to come in on a holiday.  He is so good.
He came home to 2 little monkeys climbing the walls!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

pokomoke state park

Yesterday, we spent the day at Pokomoke State Park.
Rented a little motor boat to go up & down the Pokomoke River. 
The same river we drove our car over a few weeks ago!

  Davis was the only one brave enough to swim in the river!  Brrr!
 And of course we loved it here because it reminded us of Unk Shad!

The weather was perfect for boating, a little bike riding, and of course old fashion ice cream!