Tuesday, January 31, 2012

BIG boy!

This big guy took his first independent shower tonight!
Woohoo!  I'm so excited & super proud of him.  I've been holding off because let's face it...it's easier just to do it yourself and I of course wanted to make sure he's super duper clean.
He was certainly proud of himself too.  
Just one more phase that shows us that he's growing up (way too fast).  
 & my two silly robe-lovin' children!  They could live in these things!  

i could get used to this

These warm temps on the very last day of January?
Fabulous in my book! 
We are trading in snowboots for flip flops...not really, but I've thought about it!
A day outside is just what we needed. 
They were having an absolute blast until they both went kerplunk on the cement. 
And my poor kids don't do so well with "boo boos". 
Time to toughen these softies up!
 ... and just a little note to our Georgia friends & family.
Happy Spring! (or at least it feels like it!) 

Monday, January 30, 2012

sister's room

It's hard to believe that we've already lived here for 6 months!  
Time is flying by for sure.  I've been slowly-but-surely adding tiny bits of decor around our home to make it feel like ours.  We pretty much only brought clothes & toys so most of it will be handmade.  
We want it to be fun & comfy, yet don't want to spend too much money on a home we'll only be in for two years.  
I finally somewhat "finished" the kid's rooms.
Brother is under the weather today so we'll do his little tour tomorrow when he is feeling like himself again.  
Here is Carson's little room.  And her big ole' bed!  (For all of the house guests we hope to get this summer!) 

 My favorite part of the room....
 And her favorite part...her babies! 
Behind her dresser is a floor to ceiling HUGE window.  It would normally be awesome to have natural light, but not for our light sleeper.  We covered it up the best we could! 
I think this little room is just perfect for her.  
There are also 2 large closets...perfect to throw in all her junk/toys.  
And no, it certainly is never ever this clean! 

Sunday, January 29, 2012


Sundays are hard for me. 
I don't know why, but I tend to get really cranky.
I think it's a homesick day for me. 
I love being up here with my family more than anything, but something about sundays makes me miss home. 
Today, we took off to our favorite winter spot...the boardwalk.
Who am I kidding, we love it down there during all seasons. 
You can't beat .25 cent arcade games and cheap candy!
The kids love going to these fun arcades.  $3.00 takes quite a while to spend! 

So, the real reason we went to the boardwalk and arcade was for my special boy, Davis.  The last time we went, he got enough tickets for this awesome pirate ring.  Well, he wore it to the rodeo last weekend.  While going potty, it slipped off his little finger into the toilet.  He went to grab it and the automatic flusher took it away.... he was so heartbroken.  He was in a locked stall and I couldn't get to him quick enough...just could see his crocodile tears through the crack.  I felt so sad for him.  I love that he treasures everything.  We went back today to win him another one.  However, his heart had been mended so he decided on a different pirate ring this time...one that is super flashy.  He loves it and has promised himself not to wear it to the potty!  hee hee.  
The new treasure....  68 tickets later.  

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

girly day

Davis got invited to his first real playdate.  Away from home or cousins...  He was beyond excited to spend the afternoon with Landon.  So that meant a perfect girly day for my daughter & I.  
Carson requested a super low key day.  
A morning of dance, a trip to the gym, lunch at Panera, and home to watch Tinkerbell in her jammies.  
And of course she wanted to play a little school so I snapped a few pictures of her looking beautiful and studious.  It's so fun to have them one on one.  It happens so rarely, but this is a taste of what it will be like in the Fall when brother starts Kindergarten.  Boo!
I loved just staring at her today.  Thinking about how much she has grown up in the last few months.
Writing is her favorite thing to do right now.  That, and of course being an awesome little  mother to a room full of babies.  They were napping today while she practiced writing numbers.  When they woke up, one baby was fussy so we took her outside for a walk!
Her tantrums have chilled out a bit and she is one happy girl. 
I could smooch those cheeks to pieces.  
 So content.  Those baby blues make me so happy.  
 Concentrating so hard.  
 Just lookin' cute... and FIVE.  She looks so old here I think.  

Sometimes it's just so nice to sit back.  Not say a word...just look at the gifts that have been given to you.  
It's almost too much to take in, huh?  
Sweet baby girl... mama sure does love you.  

Sunday, January 22, 2012


We all went to the rodeo last night....first time for these two and they loved it!  
Lots of bull riding & cowgirls doing their barrel races.  
I always love how serious cowboys take their sport. 
They dress the part & certainly act the part...it's adorable to me.  
My cowboy took in every single second.  (& my cowgirl was most certainly loving the good snacks!)
It was a great night of family fun for sure.  

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


My sweet girl has been introduced to gymnastics and she has loved it. 
The teacher is very patient and makes it so fun. 
Although, carson would bat her eyelashes and try and get out of doing some things that "make her nervous." 
She did great and I hope she'll continue to love it. 
I'd say she definitely gets her "grace" & flexibility from her mother...haha. 

sibling love

I sure do love days like this. 
Days where they are each other's best friend. 
The fighting is kept to a minimum.  The love is at maximum. 
 Lots of silliness & laughter.  
They are oblivious to anything else in the house.  
Just each other having fun. 
Favorite pretend games you two like to play right now...
the superhero and the princess
michael & meredith
puppy dogs
*and there is an occasional fight over a darn orange carrot.  yes, it's plastic.  yes, it's a toy.  but for some silly reason there are lots of tears shed over this carrot.  it is now our family joke.  

shane jr.

I saw this adorable idea for a valentine for davis on the beloved Pinterest so I got a jump start and worked on them this past weekend.  These were the other pictures that didn't make the cut.  
I swear, he is truly a mini-shane.  And even more so as he matures.  
Looks, crazy eye rolls, accent (uh oh!), tender heart, desire to be a care taker, hysterical personality, observation skills....all of it.  Just like his daddy.  

a letter to my kids

davis & carson~ 
I want to tell you about one of mommy's newish friends.  
Her name is Katharine...with that silly little a in there that makes her unique. 
She is a true southern girl.  She befriended me on the soccer fields back in 2009 when we lived in Maryland the first time.  
We had an instant connection because of our southern roots (& charm, right??).
She is really like mommy's long lost cousin.    
We laugh A LOT and she really likes to pick on mommy and one time about the blog that I write for you guys.  
You know, you hurt the ones you love the most, right?
You see, I told her that most of our days at home ARE awesome.  I do LOVE teaching you and being crafty and snuggling with you.  Then there are days that....... well, just don't need to be posted on the blog.  Those are the "memories" that we can hopefully forget about one day.  
I assured my dear friend that we do have not-so-rosey days, but that's when she will get an ear full and not a blog full.  :)  We keep this place for happy thoughts (mostly!) 
Anyhoo, we are so lucky to have Katharine's family in our lives.  She is truly an awesome friend and has introduced me to an entire set of great ladies. She is absolutely hysterical and truly one of the kindest people I've ever met. 
You guys love Cooper & Colby and look forward to many many fun times together.  
So very thankful for my friend Katharine.  

P.S.  don't you dare tell her the truth about me raising my voice, or making you clean your rooms, or me.......it's all good sweet kiddos.  

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

baby, it's cold outside!

My bones are cold right down to my toes.  I'm a summer girl for sure, although sometimes lazy days in pjs can be nice too.  Monday, we ventured over to play a little indoor golf with some friends.  
This was Carson's first putt putt experience and it was funny to say the least.  Thank goodness she was free, because sister was more interested in climbing and cheering her peeps on.  Davis took the game very serious...I think he was trying to impress his gal pal Riley.  It was a fun day of trying to stay warm! 
Hitting the arcade for some .25 cent games!  
This picture was from last week.  It was a tad warmer so we went on a little picnic out at Assateague with our friend Payton.  

Sunday, January 15, 2012

36 years of goodness

We celebrated this sweet guy in our house this weekend.  As the kids call him now..."Big Daddy!"  
Shane & I took a fun night out with some friends, we loaded him up with fun surprises and cards, and ate too much cheesecake.  The perfect weekend to celebrate the man that makes us all smile.  Loved having him all to ourselves, but couldn't help but  think about the sweet mama who gave birth to him...it must be hard to be away from your children, especially on his special day.  

a new year

Bet it's gonna be a good one! 
We set some little goal for ourselves.  
Some that aren't too hard to reach for this upcoming year.  

I'm gonna be nicer to myself this year.  That's it for me.  Treat myself with kindness.  Included (but not limited to...) letting my fingernails grow out & leaving the regular coke at the store and not in my body.