Wednesday, August 31, 2011

the big cheese!

I did something this morning that I said I'd never ever do!
I signed my big boy up for the afternoon bus. 
When I picked him up yesterday he was really mad at me. 
He was the only one of 15 kids who "had their mom there to pick them up!" 
Well, excuuuuuse me for caring.  Ha!
He begged so I inquired.
The bus at 11:30 is only Pre-K kids.  oh, great!
We live 3 miles from school and there are only 8 kids on the bus & they all live in our neighborhood.
So, the big cheese drove right up to our house at Noon today.
And out walked this adorable face who was happy with my descision...

And because we had 30 extra minutes to get home today...
this adorable sister helped me at the grocery store. 
We are having the most fun hanging with just the girls!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

1st day of Pre-K

He was up early & got a big hug from daddy before his big day.
Dancing around the house & singing songs about "school is cool?" 
Dressed in his new T and backpack on by 8am.  School doesn't officially start until 9.
We headed down to the dock for a few pics. 
We sat down there and chatted for a few minutes. 
I felt like I was going to vomit talking to my son about leaving him at Showell.
We talked about being brave and friendly.  And kind and smart.
For the second time this week he asked me to chill out.

 We arrived at school a little early.  He still had a spring in his step and I had a lump in my throat.
"You can do this jenn... he's OK.... He is here for a reason... He will love it." 
Those were the voices in my head and myself begging me not to cry.
We took one pit stop in the classroom to calm his nerves and he was ready.
We met Mrs. Fisher & Mrs. Butler with smiles and a welcoming sign.
I gave my big boy a huge hug and had to shove him to the wolves...i mean these two nice ladies.
I grabbed Carson's hand and I am pretty sure I was running.
Not really.  But I was sobbing at this point.
Really, jenn?  We took a B-line out the back door and to the car where mama could finish her meltdown. 
Maybe it's the big school and knowing absolutely no one? 
Maybe it's the fact that he didn't beg for me to come back?
Maybe it's because he's going to have the time of his life? 
and I'm exhausted.

In just 10 short minutes & 15 tissues later I gathered myself. 
I looked at my darling daughter in the back who is looking forward to a fabulous morning.
I thought about how incredibly brave he was.
I quickly put a smile on face and said a long prayer of thanksgiving.
Oh, I hope this boy shines and I hope he spreads the joy that he does in our house.
He had a great day.
In fact, when I picked him up he was mad.  He wanted to go home on a bus.
He told us every single detail of his morning.  He made new friends and got 4 hugs from his teacher.
He said he didn't feel sad at all.  He wants to go back.  Whew...

As we walked to the car I chuckled at myself.  There was still dew on the grass. 
He wasn't even there long enough for it to dry.  

best friends

Sitting on the porch eating yummy popsicles. 
Oh, how I wish I knew what they were talking about...

Friday, August 26, 2011

come on, irene

Irene is a comin' according to those sometimes faithful weathermen.
I'm believing them this one time.
We're prepared with flashlights, batteries, water, tons of snacks, and a hotel room about 40 miles west of here.  It's right in the middle of the peninsula so we're hoping to be ok. 
My crazy husband is planning on working tomorrow because they have a gazillion $$ egg project that must go on.  But, the kids and I will go to dryer land tomorrow right when we wake up!
This is our first hurricane adventure and let's hope it has a very happy ending.
When we were headed home yesterday I was telling the kids everything we had to keep us safe. 
Sweet carson said in all seriousness, "Mama, let's go to Mawshall's and buy me a new dwess for the huwacaine."  Hee hee.
Davis is just so excited about packing up his suitcase to stay in a hotel.
Oh, and happy 11 years to my darling husband.
11 reasons i'm so incredibly thankful that he is mine.
1.  the boy loves his family. 
2.  he is a closet boyscout and always is prepared.
3.  he makes me a better person.
4.  just about everything that comes out of his mouth is funny.
5.  he thinks ahead.  unlike my self who lives in the moment.
6.  he wants me to take care of myself.
7.  he always puts his kiddos first.
8.  he loves to travel and see it all when we go places.
9.  very hard worker...even at home.
10.  have the cutest big brown eyes that luckily my son got too!
11.  he has matured, yet still can be a kid.

back off irene, he's mine.

a tribute to my best boy

raise your hand if you stinkin' love pintrest?

playground fun!

Meet some of our "old" friends...
Mason & Tanner
They are the cutest & funniest little fellas and we're so happy to have fun buddies to meet at the park. 
On our way!
Mason & Davis take a break from playing Pirates!

Carson trying to keep up with (or avoid!) the boys.

Tanner just being his cute self.  This child is a bowl of fun!

big school, really?

Today was a very exciting day! 
We took Davis to his Open House at Showell Elementary so he could meet his new teacher & friends.  Very strange being in a brand new place and to not know one single person. 
It was really neat, although I was biting my lip trying not to cry.  
When in the world did this little guy get so big? 
And I'm suppose to just leave him here to defend himself?  
Thank goodness his teacher seems great & it's ONLY for three hours.
Yes, grown woman.  YOU can handle this.
Davis loved it.  Well, sortof.  He said it was loud.  It really was!  All PreK-3rd kids there at once was a little overwhelming. 
It gave me a new perspective as a teacher.  Parents trust me.  They drop off their babies for me to love, protect, and nurture while they go on with their day.  Wow.  What a cool job I will have again one day. 
Now it's my turn to trust Mrs. Fisher.  And to pray really really hard. 
Here are some pictures before we left this morning!

 He's ready and he's going to love it.  And I'm gonna get my happy little booty in that school as much as I can!  :) 

Sunday, August 21, 2011

carson~ 3 & 3 mos.

Loves the sand and water's edge.
Loves her nightgowns, piggy, and blankie.
She is growing.  fast.  Her little legs hurt every night.
Weighs 31 lbs and about to pass her bubbie in height.
She has been blessed with a fine set of lungs that are either screaming or laughing.
Loves to aggravate bubbie to death.
You are my Sunshine.  Go Tell it on the Mountain.  Twinkle, Twinkle.  Amazing Grace.
Loves Miss Mary Mack & Cinderella hand games!
Tells secrets in your ear and gives awesome hugs.
Gets ready in my bathroom.  Loves a good twirly dress.
Daddy is her main man.  He calls her sugar and makes her laugh like no other.
I love her free spirit and the joy she brings to our home. 
The tantrums *I'm SURE* will fade quickly as she gets closer to four. 
Those loud shrills will turn into kind words and the to-the-ground fits will turn into hugs. 
She is getting used to Maryland as each day passes.
Bless her, it's been a tough transition.

the yacht club

Ocean Pines has a fabulous & very casual restaurant on the water. 
Minutes from our house where we can sit & eat a yummy dinner and check out some boats.
There was a wedding tonight.  It's always fun to participate in a celebration of love!  ;)
The kids were exhausted after a day on the beach so they were in the bed at 7. 
Mama & daddy enjoyed an early night of talking on the back porch.
Talked about taking advantage of this time here in Maryland.

sand & surf

Yesterday was just what we needed. 
We have (well, mainly mama!) been missing home. 
Maybe because I met a lady yesterday who said 100 times how faaaar away from home we were. 
And then she reminded me how horrible it must be?!  Kind, huh? 
It's no secret that I love the beach. 
My toes at the edge of the water & hearing my kiddos scream with delight.
It was a day of relaxation, shell searching, and "sports" (davis' fave!).
We loved having dad to ourselves all day.
It's days like today that I really do know we're in the right place. 
Nice gentle reminders from our heavenly father that we'll be ok.  (more than ok!) 
Can you see the ponies in the backgroud?

They played like this together almost all day.  Laughing and running in the waves!

finding treasures
digging and hiding in holes
playing "sports"
giving barbie lots of baths

he's ready!

This sweet boy is making some big strides this week in his little almost five year old life.  He will go to Open House and meet his brand new teacher at Showell Elementary.  Pre-K begins next monday and he will happily join Mrs. Fisher from 8:30-11:30 everyday!
 He is ready to tackle the new playground and run around in his brand new big boy shoes!  He'll walk through those big halls as he goes to Music, Art, Library time, and the computer lab. 

 He'll use these sweet hands to write his name and give high fives to his brand new buddies!
 And, he'll use that sweet smile to become just who God intends for him to be. 
What fun! 

Friday, August 19, 2011

hungry birds

We sit out on our porch almost everyday for lunch.  We watch boats go by, fish jump, and hungry birds!  They are so aggressive.  They always perch in the tree and I promise they are asking us to feed them.  Well, maybe not.  But, we felt the need to help them out. 
Hunted the perfect pine cones.
Coated them with peanut butter & bird seed.
Hung them in the trees for the birds to feast!