Tuesday, August 30, 2011

1st day of Pre-K

He was up early & got a big hug from daddy before his big day.
Dancing around the house & singing songs about "school is cool?" 
Dressed in his new T and backpack on by 8am.  School doesn't officially start until 9.
We headed down to the dock for a few pics. 
We sat down there and chatted for a few minutes. 
I felt like I was going to vomit talking to my son about leaving him at Showell.
We talked about being brave and friendly.  And kind and smart.
For the second time this week he asked me to chill out.

 We arrived at school a little early.  He still had a spring in his step and I had a lump in my throat.
"You can do this jenn... he's OK.... He is here for a reason... He will love it." 
Those were the voices in my head and myself begging me not to cry.
We took one pit stop in the classroom to calm his nerves and he was ready.
We met Mrs. Fisher & Mrs. Butler with smiles and a welcoming sign.
I gave my big boy a huge hug and had to shove him to the wolves...i mean these two nice ladies.
I grabbed Carson's hand and I am pretty sure I was running.
Not really.  But I was sobbing at this point.
Really, jenn?  We took a B-line out the back door and to the car where mama could finish her meltdown. 
Maybe it's the big school and knowing absolutely no one? 
Maybe it's the fact that he didn't beg for me to come back?
Maybe it's because he's going to have the time of his life? 
and I'm exhausted.

In just 10 short minutes & 15 tissues later I gathered myself. 
I looked at my darling daughter in the back who is looking forward to a fabulous morning.
I thought about how incredibly brave he was.
I quickly put a smile on face and said a long prayer of thanksgiving.
Oh, I hope this boy shines and I hope he spreads the joy that he does in our house.
He had a great day.
In fact, when I picked him up he was mad.  He wanted to go home on a bus.
He told us every single detail of his morning.  He made new friends and got 4 hugs from his teacher.
He said he didn't feel sad at all.  He wants to go back.  Whew...

As we walked to the car I chuckled at myself.  There was still dew on the grass. 
He wasn't even there long enough for it to dry.  


Garretts said...

every bit of the post is so real. loved hearing about the ups and downs of that first day. glad davis had most of the ups (there was the bus debacle!)