Tuesday, February 14, 2012

shower the people ya love with love...

In my little history book, these are the people that deserve lots of chapters.  
The three faces I wake up to each morning.  I feel quite lucky.  
They make me smile, laugh, and want to love more.  
I think today is a fun little day.
A no-pressure day to just say I love you by words and actions.  
We had a simple morning with glazed donuts and hot cocoa.  
Tonight, we'll eat fajitas and a yummy cake that was part of my ever-so-thoughtful gift from my hubby.  He is so sneaky & sweet.  I got him coffee.  I'll have to get a little more creative next time. 
We got the kids real mailboxes.  They have really gotten into writing letters so they were pumped. 
Just a few words about the ones i love so very much.  Today & everyday. 

Some days are hard of course, but so thankful for what these three are teaching me. 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

first snow

It snowed last night!  I mean, it dusted some of the white pretty stuff on the ground really.  It's already gone, but was sure fun to look at this morning.  Sister woke up so excited because "it snowed and I don't see any yellow stuff."  She also said she was glad that the roaming cat had not visited our yard so she could eat some! 
The kids loved it even though it was freeeeezing. 

valentine date

Saturday night was family night & our special date to celebrate Valentine's day! 
We went bowling and out to eat yummy mexican.  
I was so excited when I heard OC had a bowling alley...well, more like a closet.  
We had an absolute blast together...(and beating daddy at bowling). 

the Rockets

The kids had their first soccer game this Saturday!
Luckily, they could be on the same team. 
Carson prepared herself by saying she would stop when the coach yelled "red light!"  haha.  
Davis was concerned that sister would follow him the whole time. 
Carson and her sweet little friend Lilly.
 My favorite Rockets! 
 Run Davis run! 

There goes Carson! 
They both did great and most of all had FUN!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

kid's valentines 2012

 ...we added a little fake mustache for each kiddo for fun! 
...added hershey kisses of course!  

*sweet children, you probably won't know about Pinterest when you read your books one day, however let me assure you that it has been mommy's lifesaver.  I've decided that I'm not that creative really, but able to create like a mad woman!  

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

100 days of school!

Today, Davis celebrated 100 days of school!
They made fun hats and ate yummy snacks. 
This was also a favorite memory from teaching school...such a fun celebration with the kids. 
In honor of this super cool day, he attached 100 beads to make a gigantic wienie dog- ha! 

Hard to believe it's been 100 days already!

painting makes me happy

Before our "winter" started, I came up with this really dorky schedule for us to follow in the afternoons to keep us from going stir crazy.  But, truth be known it's been too warm and we've been doing outside stuff.  However, today was one of those cold & rainy days that forced us to stay home.  We had another not-so-great night so instead of being crabby abby today, I took out the paint.  I painted several frames, etc. for our house and Carson made this beautiful self-portrait.  Doing step-by-step portraits is my very favorite thing to do with my previous students.
Here is my baby girl's masterpiece.  She was so proud!  She painted all of it by herself, except the blue background.  She takes painting very serious.  Makes my heart happy.  

  I love the lips and the "C" on her shirt the most!
*A little encouragment for my favorite mamas.  Your toddler CAN do this!  Get a canvas and follow these little steps... when I did these in my classroom, it took us about 3 days. 
~have the child draw a big oval with a yellow marker
~next, i outlined the oval w/ the beige paint so she could see her border (she does the rest of the painting)
~paint the oval leaving "no white spaces"
~let it dry and then add some eyes, nose, & mouth
(I did examples for her on a piece of paper & we pointed before painting so she could see where parts were located on her head)
~add some hair.  I let her look in the mirrow to see her hair was more than just lines.  it was more "full"
~add some clothes, etc. 
~when she painted the C it was a little light so I touched it up to make it show up better. 
~let all of that dry and then I used a sponge to do the background. 
have FUN & hang on their wall....they'll beam with pride! 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I cannot even begin to tell you how much i love this photo of these sweet siblings.  
It's exactly who they are at this stage in life.  
I made them take this just because the lighting was so pretty outside, although they would have rather been playing with their friends. 
They paused for a moment to show me their beautiful eyes.  
Carson and her mis-matched clothes.  Always a necklace.  Stringy hair that she refuses to pull back out of her face.  Sweet grin and clinging to her bubbie. She adores him.
Davis and his new favorite clothing item.  His "GAP" sweatshirt that he's been wanting.  His soft smirk...i have no doubts he loves me.  His big boy look.  His patience for his sister. 
These two are pretty special.  
(AND in bed asleep already and it's 7:17.  Mama 'aint taking no crap tonight...hee hee.  See previous post)
And their adorable friends...Riley & Payton

the sleepy years

I couldn't think of a better title for today's words.  So, I humbly borrowed this title from my georgia friend, Merideth's, blog.  I'm typing with one eye open because I'm well, sleepy.  
My darling 5 1/2 year old son just likes to come visit me a lot.  Like seven times last night.  
I wish so badly that I could be one of those sweet mamas that rubs their back until they fall asleep. 
I'm not..at all.  I'm actually quite the opposite if you want to know the truth. 
My body & eyes feel like we have a newborn in the house.  It's a phase alright, because I had to pretty much beg *and cry* that he understand the importance of uninterrupted sleep.  
Carson went through this "phase" too...and thankfully has gotten somewhat better.  
I don't know what is going on, but I'm begging for mercy. 
How thankful I am that these are my "problems."  Seriously. 
I feel like a big fat baby for even whining over such silliness.
I also know that when I am dealing with teenage hormones, I'll be begging for these sleepy years.  
Taking gigantic breaths today while remembering this...
awake or asleep....  i do love them so.  

Monday, February 6, 2012

flat stanley

We had a visitor this past weekend. 
Our Georgia buddy, Parker Stribling, sent his Flat Stanley to us. 
We had the best time showing him around our favorite Ocean City sites.
Here is a little collage we made to send back to Georgia with him. 
The kids loved this little project...and are anxiously awaiting the arrival of cousin meredith's stanley!
Stuff like this makes me giddy...guess it's the teacher in me.
We sure enjoyed having the extra company.
The rest of the weekend we hung out mostly at home. 
Kids are fighting some little colds and the weather wasn't quite as warm. 
We finished up our Valentines and just played.  It was so nice. 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Ahoy Matey!

Here is a little room tour of Davis' pirate room!
Man, boy  rooms are just a little tougher to "decorate" I think. 
I painted a few things, but still want to add some fun nets, ropes, and other ship-like things.  
He loves it so that's all that matters!
This is the view looking into his room from Carson's room.
 I love this room because there is tons of play space for his superheros and cars.
 The "treasure chest" I painted for his toys.
 He LOVES his bunk bed.  Loves it.  Too bad he also loves to go up & down those steps 100 times a night.
Davis is an awesome sleeper, but just doesn't feel completely comfortable upstairs yet.  Maybe when he's 6 he says.
 I love his view of the canal.  They are doing a lot of dock construction this winter so there are always cranes and big boats to look at.
Looking down to the living area.  Put your sunglasses on before you look.......lots of white walls.  Eeek! 

 This house is just perfect for us right now.  So open & bright and plenty of play space.  

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

dating already?

Davis had a little buddy over to play today.
While eating their lunch, Landon says, "Davis, should we tell her?"

Davis:  "Um, mom.  I broke up with Cate today.  (insert sweet little grin)
"Buuuut, i really really don't know what that means."

Mom:  "you did WhAT?  Did you break something of hers?  (trying to play dumb)

Davis: "hahaha....noooo mom.  And I don't want to talk about it anymore."  

**Update:  Just now he comes to me and says this...
"mom, cate is not sad.  She is on another team & besides she yells at me a lot.  I don't love her anymore."

I love this innocent stage of "adulthood"!  :)