Wednesday, October 31, 2012


When I first mentioned Halloween to the kids, the first thing out of Davis' mouth was that he wanted to go home to Georgia and trick or treat with his cousins.  It was a little tricky with the holiday being in the middle of the week, but we opted to skip school and head south.  It was perfect timing because it was right when hurricane Sandy was about to hit.
The cousins decided on a Wizard of Oz theme...I love a good theme so I was super excited!  Davis wanted to be the tin man and Carson decided on Dorthy!  They were so stinking cute and have really gotten in to the movie since.  My sweet mama made carson's costume and Shane was fully responsible for Davis' so I was super happy! 

 Poor Cathryn, our lion, was home with the yucky flu.  We sure missed her! 

 A tradition they really look forward to...trick or treating on Papa's hayride.  
 Cousin Jake truly is the best.  

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

life lately

It's sure hard to believe it's the middle of October already. 
Kids are staying so busy between birthday parties, school, and soccer. 
I wish every single day that Kindergarten could be half day although brother is beyond happy at school, which helps. We sure do miss him. 
Carson & I stay busy and love hanging out with "just the girls." 
Shane is crazy busy with work right now, however loving his nights with the kids when I go to work.  
We're still managing to have super fun family outings on the weekends.
Counting down our days to our georgia visit...   

 I just love these two so much.  Although they both denied their crazy flumist at school today!  Lil' stinkers!  
Wanting to put these days on hold & soaking up their silliness.  

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Adkin's Farm

This past Sunday was the most beautiful fall day.  We decided to spend it with some of our very favorite friends, the Jenkins family.  Carson & Layla were in the same class together last year and as our families got to know each other, we became fast friends.  We love spending time together so much.  
Adkin's Farm was awesome...although it made me miss our favorite pumpkin patch back home.  
The kids had a ball climbing the hay, sliding, getting lost in the corn maze, & riding on the hayride!
& we were having so much fun I forgot to take pics with the pumpkins!  

 We seriously love this family so much.  Can't imagine life without them next year!  waaaah!  

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

first camping trip!

This past weekend was our first family camping trip!
We had very low expectations of how the night would go, but I can say the kids didn't disappoint.  They absolutely loved it.  Carson was "itchy" in the first few minutes, but quickly got adjusted.  Davis was completely in his element...loved every single part except when it was time to pack up & come home.  
We went to Shad Landing in Pokomoke State Park.  It aligns the Pokomoke river and was a truly awesome first time camping location.
The leaves are not changing here yet and people here are not really excited about Fall, as they are losing time to surf so we had the whole place to ourselves!  
It made us feel (almost) like we were back home in Georgia. 
Daddy talking to his sweet girl by the fire.  
 Playing with ropes in our jammies! 
 The kids loved cooking their own hotdogs for dinner and smores for breakfast.  
 There was only one other camper on our loop, so the kids had a ball riding bikes "by themselves"...they were so proud! 

 Hanging out by the river while kids were playing on the playground.  
 So proud of his headlamp.  
 Ahhh, my favorite part.  Chatting with Shane by this while the kids were asleep in their tents.  He had been in France for a week so it was really nice to catch up and hear his funny stories.  
 Great first experience of camping with these two! 
 I can see lots more nights filled like this in our future.  

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

summer memories

Summer was mostly spent with visitors from Georgia.  However, on our off days we had tons of summer fun & loved checking things off of our bucket list.  We were a little slack on learning spanish & state capitals, but we've decided to move those to the winter months when we're stuck inside.  
Fishing off the dock...
 Tie-dying t-shirts was a big hit! 
 Learning to boogie board...
 Lots of sprinkler & water play with friends...
 Many many days & nights on the beach...
 Lazy days of reading library books and picnics outside...
 Lots of snuggles & loving on pink blankie...
 Sunny afternoons with sweet friends Vance & Layla...boys fished and girls got crafty! 
It was an awesome indeed and for the first time it didn't seem like it flew by.  We enjoyed every single day &  made so many fun memories.