Wednesday, October 3, 2012

first camping trip!

This past weekend was our first family camping trip!
We had very low expectations of how the night would go, but I can say the kids didn't disappoint.  They absolutely loved it.  Carson was "itchy" in the first few minutes, but quickly got adjusted.  Davis was completely in his element...loved every single part except when it was time to pack up & come home.  
We went to Shad Landing in Pokomoke State Park.  It aligns the Pokomoke river and was a truly awesome first time camping location.
The leaves are not changing here yet and people here are not really excited about Fall, as they are losing time to surf so we had the whole place to ourselves!  
It made us feel (almost) like we were back home in Georgia. 
Daddy talking to his sweet girl by the fire.  
 Playing with ropes in our jammies! 
 The kids loved cooking their own hotdogs for dinner and smores for breakfast.  
 There was only one other camper on our loop, so the kids had a ball riding bikes "by themselves"...they were so proud! 

 Hanging out by the river while kids were playing on the playground.  
 So proud of his headlamp.  
 Ahhh, my favorite part.  Chatting with Shane by this while the kids were asleep in their tents.  He had been in France for a week so it was really nice to catch up and hear his funny stories.  
 Great first experience of camping with these two! 
 I can see lots more nights filled like this in our future.