Sunday, September 11, 2011

five years

Celebrating Davis was awesome!
It was a full day of loving on our favorite big boy & giving him lots of attention.
He acts so big, yet has a tendency to "baby talk." 
I'm thinking kids do this as we try to get them to those older years.
It's hard to believe it's been five years with this adorable little guy.
Ironically, Shane came home from Maryland just hours before my water broke and here we are again.
He's so easy to love. 
Here are some highlights of the big day. 
Cinnamon rolls and 5 candles before school.
Birthday cookies & a school ribbon before noon.
Some fun surprises for our birthday boy.

Another ole' cookie cake with birthday wishes.
A fun afternoon with some interesting kiddie rides.  This is an indoor amusement park on the boardwalk.  It's super fun & cheap.  The birthday boy rode everything there was to offer!

We ate cotton candy on the boardwalk. 
That night we got all dressed up and went out to our favorite place ever...the Globe in downtown Berlin.  Our favorite local band started playing at 7:00.  They were incredible and we all had the best time.  Ate a yummy birthday dinner, ice cream, and danced in our chairs!
After dinner, Davis decided he wanted to wrap up his birthday night on a carriage ride with the family.  This adorable horse & buggy took us on a tour of Berlin. 
Definitely a day & night to remember!
And he's only forgotten he was 5 one time since that day. 


Garretts said...

loved reading this absolutely adorable account of a wonderful birthday for our sweet friend Davis!

that silly mirror shot is great! sounds like the perfect way to ring in the big 5! hugs!