Thursday, January 24, 2013

snow buddies!

This first picture has absolutely nothing to do with snow, I just love it.  
They were so cute together under that blanket cheering on the Falcons last weekend.  
It does a mama good to see her two lil' sweeties giggling and loving each other. 
 We had another unexpected snow day! I thought it might just snow a little, but we woke up to this fun surprise and a no-school phone call.  Yipee!  It was so fun to have our friends Riley & Payton join us for the fun.  These four get along so well it's scary.  The girls play princess and make Davis either be the daddy or the prince. Then he scares them and someone gets mad at him.  He is truly so kind and protective of these sweet girls.  

Friday, January 18, 2013

first snow of the year!

I watched the weather for a solid 24 hours just like the school kids do!  I absolutely love snow days!  It's the only time of the year I don't mind being cold.  We surely didn't get much...but enough to break out our snowsuits that we've been dying to wear since Nana gave them to us last Christmas.  We rushed outside to play knowing brother had to be at school by 10.  
I'm thinking we got an inch or two.  Maybe...  But it was sure fun! 

 There was hardly any accumulation in the grass, so the kids had to do their snow angels and attempt at a mini snowman on the deck.  

Goodbye, snow!  Hope to see you again this year! 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

being your mommy

Davis & Carson, 
I've thought a lot lately about what it means to be your mommy.  Your mama.  Your mom as you now say since you are getting older.  Sometimes it feels like a whirlwind because I forget to pause and soak you both in.  Life is so good with you two. 
Mommy is not always good though.  I raise my voice too much...although it seems less now that you are getting older and we can communicate better.  I get irritated with you because I'm tired.  It's usually not your fault.  My patience runs thinner at night.  
I love spending time looking at your faces and eating your cheeks.  
I love that you trust me as your mother.  
I love being able to carry you and feel your sweet breath in my neck.  You are both almost too big for that, but it still happens every so often.  
I can still remember what it feels like to have you so little in my lap.  
You both have spent so much time there.  Especially when you are tired or sad.  Usually not when you are sick though.  I'm not the best because I'm terrified that you are going to puke on me.  That's when your awesome daddy steps in.  He's an awesome Doc.  
Helping you & guiding you is such a gift.  Being able to be your number one cheerleader & encourager.  
Loved having you by my side for my first half marathon.  You were so proud...although you lil' stinkers said I didn't win! 
Love celebrating your birthdays and making you feel so special by adding in your details.  The things that matter to you.  
God gave me an awesome chance to nurture and love you as your mother.  
I want you to eat your veggies and be active. 
I want you to adore your family and want to spend time together. 
I want you to value your education, but also know that it's good to learn outside of the school walls.  
I want to share magic recipes with you except I'm not so good in the kitchen. (but encourage you to be!) 
I want you to keep those eyes open to see beauty all around you. 
I want you to trust God and know that he loves you so much more than I do. 
I want you to be kind, fun, independent, loving, smart and  motivated.  
But, mostly I want you to be you. 
Watching you grow up right before my eyes is exciting and scary at the same time.  
Each day gets better and better.  
"Sometimes when you pick up your child you can feel the map of your own bones beneath your hands, or smell the scent of your skin in the nape of his neck.  This is the most extraordinary thing about motherhood- finding a piece of yourself separate and apart that all the same you could not live without."  
~ jody picoult
Feeling blessed and forgiving myself for not being the perfect mama....but your mama.  And, that's perfect for me.  
I love you both more than the sky and back.  And then a whole lot more. 

happy 37 years!

Happy Birthday to one awesome daddy & husband. 
I love this pretty much sums up the birthday boy.  
He adores his children & truly puts us first.
We were so lucky to celebrate is birthday all weekend with him!  
Monopoly night, cheesecake, murder mystery with friends, potholder making, Japanese birthday dinner, and an extended grocery was all memorable and so fun.  
We are so lucky to have him....really, I feel so blessed.  
Super fun, creative, loving, honest, protective, crazy.  That's him.
I just found these oldies and couldn't help but to post them here for Davis and Carson to see one day.  They are some of my favorites.

my afternoon buddy

I am just loving our afternoons together.  
She runs off the school bus...goes straight to the potty & puts on her pjs....then shows me everything in her bookbag.  
She usually has a paper or some little trinket that she has traded with one of her friends on the bus.  
She is usually starving so I fix her a little picnic and she loves to watch Max & Ruby to unwind.
Then, she turns off the TV and gets into full mommy mode.
Today, her and the babies are going to Chuck E Cheese. 
We craft, cut coupons, read books, go shopping, and sometimes take quick little naps.  
I love it, but it sure makes me miss my big boy.
I had my alone time with him, but it was when he couldn't really communicate yet and I was in survival mode.  

 She is really maturing this year.  
She reminded me this afternoon that she is going to be FIVE soon.  
Not sure how that got here so quickly.  

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

happy new year!

The countdown started last night as Shane & I were enjoying our night out.  Tears started to fall just like they have done for the past 15 or so years on New Years Eve.  There is just something about ending a fabulous year and getting the opportunity to start a brand one.  Shane and I talked at length last night about how blessed we are.  Really, sometimes it is simply overwhelming (cue the midnight tears).  A healthy set of the most beautiful & caring children, loving friends and family, an opportunity to live in a new place, and the list goes on and on.  
I'm going to jump on Shane's bandwagon and not set any resolutions this year.  Although, they are so fun to write down.  Looking forward to loving more & being more present in my everyday world.'s going to be another great one.  I can already tell that God has some cool things up his sleeves.  He usually does.
It's the year that we move 3/4 of us move back to Georgia.  With Shane staying in Maryland a little longer, it will bring challenges but I feel so at peace with our decision.  
Looking forward to reconnecting with our family & close friends that we've missed so much.  
Starting a new school, mama a new job, and a house ready to be built will indeed make 2013 a memorable one. 

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Glitter shoes

Pink and so very shiny.
Her absolute favorite go to shoes.
Scuffed up from skipping, running, climbing, shopping, and playing.
Toes can no longer fit inside so we had to say goodbye.
Well worth the eight dollars at walmart.
I'm going to miss these lil shiny feet.