Tuesday, January 15, 2013

my afternoon buddy

I am just loving our afternoons together.  
She runs off the school bus...goes straight to the potty & puts on her pjs....then shows me everything in her bookbag.  
She usually has a paper or some little trinket that she has traded with one of her friends on the bus.  
She is usually starving so I fix her a little picnic and she loves to watch Max & Ruby to unwind.
Then, she turns off the TV and gets into full mommy mode.
Today, her and the babies are going to Chuck E Cheese. 
We craft, cut coupons, read books, go shopping, and sometimes take quick little naps.  
I love it, but it sure makes me miss my big boy.
I had my alone time with him, but it was when he couldn't really communicate yet and I was in survival mode.  

 She is really maturing this year.  
She reminded me this afternoon that she is going to be FIVE soon.  
Not sure how that got here so quickly.