Saturday, December 29, 2012

merriest christmas of all.

Our final trip home took us to Georgia for one of the best Christmas weeks I can remember!  No major sickness, happy faces, lots of family time, and just an overall great celebration.  The car ride is always long, but this was a good one!  Even Catsy joined us.  
 On Friday, the cousins all met at Mimi & Papa's house for family photos and a magical trip to the Polar Express.  They had a blast bundled up in their pjs and meeting Santa together.  Next, the kids joined Nana at her house for the night.  They made lots of cookies and played for hours.  And, lucky mama & daddy got to have a date night with some friends.  
Sunday, the Hills went to Mema's to celebrate Christmas together.  This is one of my favorite days.  I love watching all the cousins play together and catch up.  

 I love this one in front of Mema's gigantic oak tree in her front yard.  
On Christmas eve, Davis treated us to a special breakfast at the Waffle House.  He was so proud and it will become a tradition with the four of us for sure.  I love that he wanted to do that for our family.  
Sweet cousins ready for cookie decorating, fabulous dinner, and presents!  
 They all wanted to work independently this year!  

 Shane bought this nativity set for his mama in 1997.  He was a senior in college and had very little money.  I just love it.  
Sweet Meredith reading the Christmas Story this year.  This seriously brought tears to my eyes.  She is so precious and I love how they all adore her.  
Christmas day began about 4:00 am for mr. Davis!  Luckily, he did go back to sleep for about 2 hours!  They were soo excited that Santa had visited us...and remembered that we were in Georgia.
He met their wishes and then was so sweet watching them open presents this year. 
Sleepy girl showing us her beautiful new earrings!  
 My most favorite gift.  My family!  
 Shane and I decided to do a trip to NY this winter since we live so close!
We are taking the kids to see Annie on broadway...  so excited!  
 My family came to celebrate Christmas day with us!  Such fun spending time together and eating of course.  We opened gifts, caught up on life, and played a fun game of Headbandz.
 Grandpa and his shoes!!  Skull Vans and sparkly light up pink shoes for Sis this year!  
We've made it back to Maryland with big smiles on our faces and messes in our floors.  Unpacking and feeling very grateful for a fun and memorable holiday season.  This is our last Christmas away from home, and I have to say that excites me.  We will live it up here in Maryland....and then one final trip HOME in July!