Sunday, September 23, 2012

Upward Soccer!

School has started, cooler temps have arrived, and our soccer games have begun!  
Welcome, Fall!  And, hoping to get my little self back into the gear of keeping up with our little journal better!  
The kids just started Upward soccer this past Saturday...and they are already loving it so much.  They can still be on the same team which is super nice.  
Last season they played indoors and let's just say the ball rolls, and rolls, and rolls all over the gym floor so it's rather difficult to make a real goal.  
Here is a little series I happen to catch of Davis' first goal of the season.  He was beyond excited as it was his first "real goal" he says.  He's super fast, and loves to skirt the ball so I couldn't believe he got in there and showed us his stuff.  It was pretty neat to watch.  
 Look at that face!  Here he goes...half way there! 
 Go, Davis, Go! 
(this was the best mama could do...I got excited...jumped up & dropped my camera)
 Celebrating with Coach Jocelyn!!  
It's amazing how far he has come.  Watching his little personality and confidence develop over the years has just been so neat.  
And, here is sassy sister doing her thing too!  She loves soccer so much.  Sweet girl runs her little booty off and only touched that silly ball once with her hands.  This was her face when we yelled..."noooo...."  haha.  It was cute.  
This age is just precious.  

 Go get it, girl!   We are so proud of you!!! 
 I just love this picture.  Not sure why.  Wish I knew what they were thinking! 
And, how about this adorable little guy?  Their good buddy Mason had just scored and this was his reaction!  Cute, so very cute.  These kids were so proud of themselves.  
Gooooo Badgers!  Looking forward to a fun fall season.